Printing Proofs

  1. Work Order is less than 10,000 baht will charge 500 baht fee/ time.
  2. Free color proof for the first order 10,000 baht. For the others, in case of customers need to change the original file or any will charge 500 Baht.
  3. If the customer wants to proof color on real objects for Offset Printing System, will charge 200 Baht.
  4. Customers have to provide the color sample for proof. If the customers do not provide, the completed color of the proof will be treated as the correct color.
  5. The Given color should be the same Printing System. If not, it may be the variation around ±3%-5%
  6. Color sample must be given the same kind of ink for printing. For example, ink of Silk Screen is different from the Letter Press or printing on PVC object cannot compared with printing on paper.
  7. If you send job without artwork file, there's ±15% variation following the old example item.
  8. The customers have to choose the only one for major color while you bring the artwork file and old example item. 
  9. We can modulate the color intensity but cannot change the job detail.
  10. We cannot modulate the intensity for specific areas; it's a little different for overall. For example, the children hold an apple's picture, cannot change only red apple color. The red will be the effect for overall image.
  11. Proofs date for 5 days since confirmed by customer.
  12. If the customer will not confirm the completed proof color within 30 days, we will charge films and plates.