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EVA is the complete sticker printing factory. We create only quality products for customers. Our production capacity is up to 1,000,000 pieces per day. We are fast and up-to-date so you can trust us, EVA.


  • To comply with the standards of internal systems and features of the printing, the EVA does not accept film or plate separations from customers. Will only accept files from the computer.
  • Please use the Software "Freehand or Illustrator for MAC OS. Do not use Quark or PageMaker. 
  • If you do the Illustrator artwork, please choose letter form to Create Outlines by select all the text and then press Ctrl + Shift + O. If you do artwork by CorelDraw , please select text format as Convert to Curves by select all the text and press Ctrl + Q. 
  • Please set CMYK color (32 bit), and set the resolution at 300 - 350 dpi. 
  • Color from monitor is so different form printing machine, please check the actual by CMYK or PANTONE. 
  • For artwork, the label with lineate or text at the edge, please keep more space about 2 mm. to prevent text cutting. 
  • Lineate art work should have the thickness not less than 0.25 pt (IIIustratior). Otherwise, cannot be printed. 
  • Please specify the process, if you want printing by laminated with OPP or Hot Stamp. 
  • Following the standard policy of work, there is no peel the paper if the die-cut is messy. 
  • If the customer does not inform the giving of original Barcode file to EVA, we will provide a new file for comply with the standard of internal system and quality inspection. 
  • Please try to upload file by using FTP in order to keep time and transportation cost. 
  • To prevent the error of communication, job delayed or any damaged, please send your requirement via email or fax to EVA if you want us edit your artwork. EVA will not responsible for any error case that is communicated on phone.


If the customer will not confirm the completed proof color within 30 days, we will charge films and plates.



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Quality Policy

Quality comes first, fast on-time delivery, and future development.

Certified Quality ISO-9001:2015

From the design, drawing, compression plate films, printing, die-cut, sheet cutting, rowing and all such procedures work underneath the expert of each section closely. We have an evaluation of each job section every 2 months to keep our quality standard and are widely accepted by the customers.

We proceed with carefulness to focus the good environment. Started by material selection or hazardous material control, we carried out under the safety standard severely for security and pollution controlled.


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