Key Features

of autopak labeling machine


Thai language interface

The Thai-language interface makes it simple and easy for anyone to use.


One-touch auto-complete setting

Only one click to complete all the settings, in ready for labeling.


Fall down bottle auto-detect

Stop immediately when auto-detect a falling down bottle, to prevent further time and material loss.


Labeling driver roller status detection

Auto-detect the CLICK LOCK of labeling driver roller status to prevent the error operation.


Missing labels warning & auto-replacement

Warn and auto-replace features to detect a missing label, resulting in the prevention of mislabeling.


Speed of labelling auto-sync to conveyor

The labeling speed syncs with the conveyor speed, allowing  the worker to adjust the speed freely.


Voltage fluctuations range 190~270V

Apply to voltage range 190-270 volt to prevent or reduce damages to the labeling machine


We have our own printing factory 

Our own label printing factory offers the best labels for labeling machine, prevents any trouble between labeling machine and labels printing, and ensures the best after sales service and warranty.