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"AUTOPAK is not only a machine but is your best partner!"

AUTOPAK understands that our customers should not bear with the nuisance derived from having no collaborative problem-solver between labeling machine and label printing.

AUTOPAK emerged from the conflict have been working on a complete set of label's total solution. As the pioneer of Thai labeling machine industry, we know best of how labels and labeling machine work together. We are committed to deliver you with best fit solution & top quality after-sales service. Here at AUTOPAK, you will no longer have to worry about such complication or extravagant expenses.

Leading Technology
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Professional Development

There are many brands and kinds of labeling machines on the market, including low-cost simple models, manual models, semi-automatic models, automatic models, etc., those kind of
machine are only for standard labeling sizes and only suitable for general labeling needs. When the design of your product is a little more special, or when your production line needs to be
faster, these standard labeling machines surely can’t afford what you need. Usually this cause a bottleneck to a company, unless you give Autopak a try, and you will find out the ability of Autopak is not just an ordinary standard labeling machine for you.

Autopak design from the simplest basic sticker peeling machine, to manual labeling machine, to semi-automatic labeling machine, precision labeling machine with high-speed production capacity, to the full automatic labeling machine that combines with a charge coupled device (CCD) vision identification system; We all provide perfect solution, design, and manufacturing for every highly complex and highly customized labeling machine. And this is the value of

We can provide professional labeling systems for all industries and a variety of different packaging needs. No matter what your needs are, we can customize according to your needs, or
we able to give you a complete and professional labeling production line solution, which includes professional sticker printing manufacturing services, and the best mechanical warranty program. We are not just selling machine to you but we are your professional label solution partner.